Young Carers

The Young Carers Project has been running for several years and is based at the Walsall Carers Centre. It offers support to young carers aged 6-18 years. We currently have a number of children on our books, who can ask for help and advice from us. This may just mean being there when you need us, or helping you with talking and explaining problems you may have to other people.  

Our main group activities are: An after-school club, run twice a month, on a Monday from 4.30 to 6.30 at the Crossing at St. Paul’s – by the bus station. This is a chance to relax and have some fun – as well as to mix with children and young people who understand about being a young carer, and to be able to get some advice if you need it. We normally have a group of young people at each club, and they decide what sort of activities they wish to do.  
We also run a number of trips during the school holidays – again a chance to get out and enjoy yourselves, but also to be with other young people who know what the pressures of being a young carer are like.